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Element: Blue
Type: Sentient
Evolution: Evolved during the Mixing Age, from Gatas Reefs
Population: 50,000
Lifespan: 20 years
Feeds on: Filament-shaped organic matter
Worlds: Vira, Yardhon Oceans
Size: 3"x2", a few millimeters wide.


The X-fish is the joke of the high seas. Two dimensional and cartoonlike, yet sentient, they were created by the infinite wit of Ashtar. They became sentient during the Age of Empires.


Their eyering has 360 degree vision, and transmits its images to the brain. Their lips are simply highly acidic seawater that kill filament-shaped life, and uses it to build their body. Their bodily walls can have parts of them attached to other body parts, via the charged seawater they store in their body. Their tail parts wave rapidly to propel them forward and turn.


Their brain, however, controls none of this, and can only watch, all the while asking deeply philosophical questions such as "What in the %&#$?!"


They reproduce via asexual division that takes place on their X-shaped nexus. While the two brains of the reproducing X-fish can communicate, most of what they say is centered around the question "What the %&#$ was Ashtar thinking?!?"

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