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Feeds on:Soil, rocks, whole cities
Worlds:Stormlands, Cimdeon, Yardhon
Size:75' long, 2' diameter


Wurms were the first Kushdim, produced in the Cimdi's image. While strong, fast, and perceptive, they lost their wings, magical capability, and intelligence. Over time, the wurms gained back their intelligence, but were still shunned by the Cimdi, and hunted by other dragons.


Wurms live in the long twisting caverns of the Fighele continent, burrowing some of their own, and most prefer Yardhon over Cimdeon. Occasionally a rogue wurm will come above ground, wreaking chaos on the world above.


Still unintelligent wurms are solitary, destructive creatures, gaining vengeance by destroying Cimdi followers. Intelligent ones, however, stay in small groups. Being both vengetful and knowledgeable about Cimdeon tunnels, are the greatest threat to Cimde's life.


The only sentient predator of the wurm is the Vinig.

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