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Evolution:Ascended from the Phoenix
Feeds on:Sunlight, Mindberries, Metalberries, Esoberries, Wurms
Worlds:Stormlands, Ashtaron, Yardhon
Size:largely unknown, since it both appears as and emits light.


The Vinig is an ascendex phoenix. It is almost pure ordered energy (about 85%), with a fiery organic/silicon core that houses its brain and reproductive organs. From this core extend tiny filament-like threads that act as a basis on which to order their body of sheer energy.


Their body is made of ordered energy patterns that seperate nutrients (for the core) and raw energy very efficiently. Any waste is stored as shielding to the core, or can be extracted for nuclear fusion for additional energy (analogious to fat-storing systems in other animals).


Because of their energy content, external light is pathetic by comparison, and is usually just absorbed in its raw form. Vinigs can use their own body as energy, which fluctuates their size a lot. If totally out of energy, they can cryogenically freeze their core, retract the filaments, and descend to the earth as a kind of seed.


It is unknown how they reproduce, but some beleive that their core can divide asexually.

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