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Pyremanders are large salamander-like creatures that live in the mantle of Yardh itself. They were originally created from parts of the mantle itself by Jinde, but learned to reproduce by embedding some form of their thoughts into the flowing lava itself, which might create a new one. As such, they are the only creature on Yardh to be able to produce Mindchildren voluntarily, although the process is a long and complicated one.


Pyremanders are protectors of the earth's inner processes, making sure that they do not spill out into the crust above unless needed, or slow down too much due to other processes. They keep Yardh's processes all in balance with one another. Rather than eat or drink, they take energy directly from geothermal processes and nutrients from the magma medium they swim through.


While they don't actually have scales, they are composed of various types of rocks with relatively high melting points, arranged in a salamander-like way. As such, they are able to withstand huge amounts of heat, and if sent to the crust, will give off huge amounts of energy themselves.


They are sentient and posess some (although mostly unused) magical prowess of their own. They have also built a large, elaborate society. (See Pyremander Society.)


Pyremanders are intensely social, and if seperated for too long from their society, there will be a literal force that acts on them, dragging them back. Such a force acts on Princess Omra, who was seperated when a large chunk of earth rose into the sky, propelled by a rebel group of Jindi, the Viili. This huge force causes the moon Vira to move in a circle, despite constant Viili pressure to get it to go as far away from Yardh as possible.

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