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Element: Red

Type: Sentient

Evolution: Evolved during the Mixing Age from the Cardinal.

Population: 15,000

Lifespan: 100 years precisely

Feeds on: Exaberries, Raspberries, Shivaberries, Carnal Wurms, Worms, certain types of ashes.

Worlds: Stormlands, Yardhon

Size: parrot-sized and parrot-shaped, except with flames.


Phoenix flames burn very cool, and are mostly illusion. They are very friendly to Ashtari and converted Kavari, and will sometimes give their life to save another. In doing so, they shed all of their body as an Ashstone, which the Saved can take to an Archphoenix to bring them back to life. Certain such pairs are in this kind of immortal symbiosis.


Phoenix can breathe flames at various degrees of heat. All flames breathed by them look the same, however. If under attack, or very tense, they can explode, shedding an entire layer of skin, muscle, and flame, escaping much as a lizard would after shedding its tail.


Phoenix communicate telepathically, both with other Sentient races and with themselves. Unfortunately, this ability only has a range of about three miles.


Phoenix can perform fire magic, but prefer their innate bodily powers.


They reproduce by laying eggs in clutches of four to six that males breathe a specialized type of nutrient-rich fire on to fertilize. Because of the concentration of Shivaberries in that fire, eggs tend to get shot out at high velocities. Phoenix calculate their timing and direction carefully, so the eggs will land together.


Phoenix evolved from Phoinel, the first sentient, magical Cardinal.

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