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Mindchildren are the end product of a reproduction process not understood fully. Essentially, it is when an individual's thoughts are so powerful that they become forms of their own, which may or may not become solid. The Cimdi have learned that the forms mindchildren become are guided by Holy Templates, subconsciously accessed by the creator.


According to the Dragon Archives, every dragon that has ever landed and settled on a world has produced an entire race of dragons through this process. This is certainly true of the Jindi, the Viili, and the Cimdi on Yardh. The Jindi themselves (all of them, not just one) somehow gave rise to a dragonlike transient human race, called the Hanja, who, when the Cimde arrived, became a full race in their own right.


Pyremanders, who live deep in Yardh's interior, are capable of making Mindchildren voluntarily, although they barely understand the process themselves.

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