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Evolution:Mindchildren of Jinde
Lifespan:Fixed Immortality
Feeds on:Thoughtfeeding
Size:100' Length, 10' Width, 30' Height, 150' Wingspan


The Jindi are descendants of Archdragon Jinde, who created most of the processes of the world Himself. The Jindi are Red and are able to create many red-type things. Their world, The Stormlands is sourrounded by thick ever-tempestful clouds. Storms on Yardh are believed to be links to their world that have drifted into ordinary rain showers. The Jindi have a close alliance with several of the Pyremanders and have used that bond before in dealing with the Viili.


The Jindi were the inventors of the Ashtar Ritual, which was originally invented to summon Ashtar. It was their thoughts as well that originally created the transient form of Yardh Humans, in much the same way that Jinde's thoughts created the Jindi.


A rebellion against some early problems with Jindi society formed the Viili and caused a chunk of earth to become the The moon itself.

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