Archdragon Jinde was the first Deva of Yardh, and creator of most of its internal processes, including the Pyremanders themselves. His Mindchildren are the Jindi, and are Red-type in Yardh Cosmology. According to the Dragon Archives, Jinde was birthed of a star, parts of it arranging methodically to form his body, as all other non-worldly dragons are originally born. According to Archdragon Jinde when he is not transient, that star lay far outside the Yarmil system, causing him to wander throughout the Comsos for millions of years before finding his planet. Dragon Mysticism asserts that he was called to the planet as soon as a Planetmaker created it.


During the Age of Blue Civilisation, Jinde Awakened, and became a transient form, only occasionally visiting the Jindi. He has said often that he wanders the stars as he did before, except without the rote of having to travel between them.