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Element: ???

Type: Sentient

Evolution: Ashtari, although technically they existed previously as a transient race of the Jindi

Population: 18,000,000

Lifespan: (m)60-75 years, (f)75-90 years, (a) 2000-5000 years

Worlds: Everywhere

Size: 5'-7' (females are typically shorter than males, with ascended ones being the tallest)


Hanja are Yardhi humans. Originally, they were an accidental transient race created by the Jindi's thoughts, but thanks to Ashtar, they became fully real. The most populous race, they are also the most versatile magically, the most diplomatic, and the one ones whose crossbred children retain sentience.


Hanja females typically outpopulate males, due to warriors being dominantly male, as well as many males being either nomadic or monastic. Hanja females have a 7 month gestation period.


Certain hanja can become somewhat ascended, shedding most of their body for magical equivalents. The process, however, is a secret and sacred one, giving rise to numerous religions.

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