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Yardh is a conworld by Xhin.




Animons -- Original species, created via lineages that trace back to either Ashtar or Kavar.


Michar/Racial -- Humanoid (save for Stso) that were chosen by Ashtar or Kavar to rise above their Animon lineages; they take dragon-like characteristics, as is typical of all species "chosen" by planetmaker larvae.


Sentient -- Species that evolved into sentience via the influence of Evolutionary Inuats.


Carnal -- Species that de-evolved from either Races or Sentient species into animon-like forms.


About Planetmaker larvae


Planetmakers by themselves create life. They have a subconscious process that creates Animons, or can consciously "choose" a likeness of themselves (a Michar), which resembles their pre-brahmic form mixed with whichever elements/pre-existing-life they choose from.


Planetmakers in their Starshard form tend to produce Dragons. Planetmakers in their Larval form produce humanoids (Ie, the racial species).