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Dragon Archives

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The Dragon Archives are a set of records stored in the Fabric of Reality that all dragons have some access to. It chronicles the history of dragons, much about their creators, the Planetmakers, and Dragon culture. Occasionally, Dragons will discover something in it that allows them to search out another part of the archives, building their knowledge. According to Dragon Mysticism, every Dragon action and life is stored there, in some as-of-now unreachable part. While the Viili keep their knowledge only to themselves, The Jindi and Cimdi share freely between themselves, and the Cimde will share ONLY their knowledge with the Viili and occasionally other races as well.


One very important discovery was learning how to use drifting pieces of other Realms as transport into those realms. This discovery was very Green-natured, so it was naturally discovered by the Cimde. Races of Yardhi can use it as well.

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