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Element: Light
Type: Sentient
Evolution: from Cloudseeds, during the Mixing Age
Population: 9000
Lifespan: (cumulus) 50 yrs, (stratus) 25 yrs, (thunderhead) 70 yrs, (vapori) 5 yrs
Feeds on: Steam, Vaporberries, Skyfish
Worlds: Stormlands, any place with storms
Size: amorphous, about 300 ft in diameter, generally cloud-shaped


Cloudwalkers are what turn ordinary clouds into perpetual storms. By the power of the Jindi, they evolved from Cloudseeds. Purely by coincidence, they are much like Kavamors. With a core of a Cloudseed with filaments (much like Vinigs), they take swirling vapor as their body.


In a typical cloudpatch, there will be around 30 Cloudwalkers, with two Thunderheads, five Vapori, and the rest Cumulus and Status (always more Cumulus). Each cloudpatch is filled with non-sentient Cloudseeds, which are used to amplify short ranged Cloudwalker communication, and to build new Cloudwalker cores.


Cumuli block out sunlight and can compress for rain. They can decompress also for defensive fog. Stratus keep the cloudpatch connected, and maintain Cloudseed population. Vapori are very high-energy and convert rain into hail or snow, and wind into tornados. They also descend to eat Vaporberries. Thunderheads produce lightning and rule the Cloudpatch as a whole.


Cloudwalkers rain so that evaporation will bring the cloudpatch acidic and organic nutrients (for building cloudseeds). For extra water, they generate waterspouts, although this sucks up Cloudwalker predators. It does, however, regenerate the Skyfish population, and is crucial to their breeding. Cloudwalkers also have fun with what they do.

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