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Lifespan:5 years
Feeds on:Insects, Zinc
Worlds:Kavaron, Yardhon swamps
Size:1' tall, with bent legs when stretched out are 3' long


The Bunej is an amphibious creature. The least sentient of all races, it is more programmed than intelligent, although houses significant wisdom and magical skill.


Resembling a dark frog with a slight golden tint, the Bunej are easily spotted, and do not resist getting eaten. However, inside a digestive tract, even in pieces, a Bunej will regenerate itself and replicate parts of the predator into more, turning it into a colony of Bunej. It is for this reason that eating them is wisely avoided.


Bunej do not require hosts to reproduce, and will build new ones from any zinc-rich organic source.


For some reason, after five years, a Bunej will break down into chaotic organs that will wander off on their own (Buneji)

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