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Pre-Age = When Yardh was created by the Planetmakers, but had no life.


Red Age = The age of Jinde creating the world, the Pyremanders setting up their societies, and the Jindi being formed.


Blue Age = Begins with Viil leading the Viil Rebellion with some of his followers. The creation of the moon. Havoc with the Pyremanders when their Princess Omra goes missing. The Viili are established, an even mix of Jinde rebels and Mindchildren of Viil.


Dark Age = Begins with the summoning of Kavar. The creation of the Zhanmir, Ganas, and Stso. The Jindi's transient race, the Hanja come about. Trouble from two fronts for the Jindi.


Light Age = The Ashtar Ritual that summoned Ashtar, who created the Amet, Chorna, and gave full life to the Hanja. The creation of the Sun, and all the non-sentient flora and fauna that was created thanks to it.


Green Age = The coming of the Cimde and his Cimdi. The races learn magic and civilisation from them. The seperation of the Six Realms.


Age of Mixing = A continuation of the green age, when the races mixed to form Halfbreeds and Carnal Races, as well as races being seperate from their original allignments.


Age of Empires = The establishment of four great empires, Tel Amil, etc. Conquest.


Age of Blue Civilisation = The breaking apart of most empires, the spread of religion. Intellectual gaining, higher forms of magic. The other Yarmil planets disappear from the night sky due to worlds seperating rapidly. The first sharing of the Dragon Archives by the Cimde, with humans.


Age of Magic = Magic becomes so common that it is taught to everyone. It is the basis for almost all technology. Going to other Realms has never been easier.


Age of Technology = Certain parts of technology are discovered that are much simpler to use (although nowhere near as efficient) that use matter, instead of Styles in magic. Reaching the Yardhon equivalent of the moon happens, and many are shocked to learn that it's not in the same place as the world of Vira. Changing worlds there sends someone to an Eternal Void. The Viil learn of this technology, and try to use it to move Vira out of orbit finally, to disastrous effects (the destabilizing of Vira's orbit).


Age of Time = Technology, magic, realms, and many other disciplines are combined into a technology that lets one travel back in time. The Dragons take offense to this, and there is a great war between the Jindi and Viil against the Time-using races.


Split Age = This war inadvertently splits the timeline into two Realms, plunging Yardh back into the Age of Magic with only some memories of the event, and setting the Age of Technology and the still-raging War of Time apart in a different world. The world of magic becomes more magically infused, bringing in a new golden age, but no matter-type technology is possible. The world of technology is crippled insofar as magic is concerned, except for its dragons. At the very end of this age, a type of technology and a type of magic are simultaneously discovered that can link the two worlds together.


Second Green Age = So named because of Green-esque properties, this new age gives access of each timeline to the other. Both have the same people, and much of the same fate, making things a little weird.

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